Saturday, October 9, 2010

Birds Chasing Bugs

While looking for Etsy treasury photographs for the Midwest Treasury Team one of my favorite shops is BirdsChasingBugs. It's a vintage store with great photography and items. It's primarily clothes and shoes, but it also has handbags and items for the home. I had to learn more about Amber and this great vintage clothes shop.

How did you get started selling vintage?:
I started selling vintage apparel while I was in college. There was a really charming vintage store/boutique that consigned vintage items of all sorts. I started doing it as a way to make back the money I spent on things that I would acquire at thrift stores. I’m totally manic about shopping at thrift stores, and selling some pieces that I found made me feel like there was balance to the equation. I’m always scheming to put my hobbies to work for me.

Why does vintage clothing appeal to you?:
Clothing will never again be constructed the way it used to be. Not en masse, anyway. I find vintage clothing utterly and truly captivating. Clothes used to be constructed from fine, natural materials, such as wool, silk, cotton, and fur. These natural materials make the world of difference when it comes to comfort. Also, the details that you find on vintage clothes are always stunning.
I love the freedom to pick and choose across genres and generations. I have this romantic idea that people of the past had more style and grace than your average person today, so there’s definitely some romanticism. Moreover, vintage clothes are fancy, and I love being fancy. Why put on jeans and a t-shirt when you can put on one fabulous dress? You would have done twice the work and you wouldn’t look half as awesome. Vintage clothes spark my imagination. I could wax on and on for days about why I love vintage clothes, but I’ll stop here.

What are your favorite vintage items to sell (shoes, dresses, etc)?:
I feel like I am still figuring this part out. When I look at my “items sold” list, it seems like I have the best knack for shoes, but I really would love to be able to sell more dresses. In general, anything fancy that you can put on your body is what I am interested in selling, at least in BirdsChasingBugs. I have another store in the works, PirateVintage, that is going to focus more on housewares and guy-friendly stuff.

What advice would you give to someone looking to buy or sell vintage clothing?:
If you are looking to sell vintage of any sort, treat your shop as if you are curating an art exhibit. Make it beautiful, make it genuine, and be passionate about it. If you don’t have passion, it will show.

If you are looking to buy vintage clothing, remember that there’s no such thing as “too fancy.” Also, that truly great vintage piece will last you forever, if cared for properly. Be kind to your vintage clothes, and they’ll be kind to you. Invest in the proper cleaning of your garments.

I enjoy the timeless designs and the items at BirdsChasingBugs. It really is a great vintage clothing store. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for your new store, PirateVintage. This was my first interview and it was fun to do, thanks Amber. Wishing everyone a happy weekend, and some great finds to vintage shoppers and buyers alike.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Stupid and Exciting Day

Yesterday I knew I was featured somewhere. The bookends to the left were up to 57 views in in just over a hour before they sold at my Modred12 store on Etsy. If you get views like that every day, congratulations. I however, do not. I didn't know where the views were coming from though, so I had to wait until today/24 hrs for them to show up in my Google Analytics. For a brief moment I thought I was in Etsy's finds e-mail, but since I've never been promoted by Etsy I have no idea why I thought that.

This morning I woke up, and checked my Google Analytics. They were featured in a very popular and cool blog called Apartment Therapy. My shop had over 100 more views than it does on a busy day. I was thrilled-click here for the article.

I guess I was so excited that I didn't check the time. I was taking my youngest to school thinking it was 8:30, it was actually 9:30. I looked at the car clock, thinking it had to be wrong. I started driving to school, no kids walking and no school traffic. Yup, I really goofed; I asked the pre-school if "parent stupidity" could count as the reason he was late when I signed him in. I mis-read the time when I got up and just checked the minutes after that. I was an hour off all morning and had to scramble to get my oldest to the dentist. Usually I'm very time conscience, so I'm not sure what happened today. Oh well, it was a stupid and exciting day all in one.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sale at ModredVintage on Zibbet

It's getting to be Halloween time. The leaves are turning and my black cat Modred is getting restless. It's his time of the year, when black cats decorate the neighborhood. In fact, when he lays on our front steps he's our best Halloween decoration-until he moves that is.

In honor of it being Modred's (or Mo as he's known around the house) month, my on-line shops are all decorated with a new avatar and banner. Also, my Zibbet shop is having a 20% off sale. I have a new stock of vintage patterns in, along with my usual home decor items like vintage glassware and pottery. I've been listing new items, so stop on by. Just click on the black cat, he wants to say hello.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Weekend Blog Hop

It's time for the weekend blog hop. It's a fun way to discover new blogs and be discovered. If you're interested in joining in, just click below. Happy blogging and weekend to everyone!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vintage Appliances

My first apartment had a vintage refrigerator in it, of course I was young and it worked fine for me. Who cares if items left in the freezer turned into ice balls, or that I had to defrost it every once in awhile? Honestly, I didn't defrost it that much, hence the ice balls. I do remember standing there with a blow dryer, the whole freezer was becoming a block of ice.

I love the look of vintage appliances, but they aren't always practical. Besides the ice block above they are also big energy wasters, made in a time when "save the earth" wasn't too high on the list. I came across some great vintage looking appliances on the inter net, thanks to Stumble Upon. They are called Big Chill Fridge, and I love the look of their appliances. Stoves, fridges, ovens, they do it all. You can choose from a variety of colors and sizes, and they are new. Vintage looks with modern conveniences, you know this vintage woman is a fan.

Monday, September 27, 2010

An Example of Great Customer Service

Since I ranted about my customer experience yesterday, I decided to talk about a great customer experience I did have. It was on Zibbet, and the shop was graphicdesignbytara.

I was looking for an ad. for Craftcult and Project Wonderful, and I contacted her. She promptly answered and I told her what I wanted. After some back and forth she made the advertisement up above. which I was very pleased with. All communication and delivery of the item were timely and I felt that my business mattered, which as a customer you always appreciate. You might have seen my ad., but if you haven't that's okay as well. In fact, this reminds me that I need to do some more advertising. I just wanted to add all my experiences on Zibbet have been great and I enjoy shopping there. If only I had more money...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Uses for Old Jars and Customer Service Rant

I love what MidwestFinds on Etsy has done. Have an old jar?-put a lid on it. Instant soap dispenser. It's another clever idea that I love. I also like the way it looks, if you have an old blue Mason jar at home, it would really add some vintage style.

And now for the second part of my post, if you sell on Zibbet on Etsy, please answer you "messages to seller/convos." Since the black cat is my thing, I stumbled across a funky pre-made shop banner that I thought would work for Halloween for my Zibbet/Etsy shops. I really like it. I sent a convo. and more than 24hrs later no reply.

Just so you know, I like to send convos before I buy. I had a bad experience on E-bay. Bought the item, and nothing. I sent messages to the seller, nothing. I filed a claim of non-receipt and did get my money back, but I guess she was sick and couldn't respond to my messages. Unless I'm in a coma I get to the computer and can respond to my customers. Part of running an online business means being able to check your e-mails. If you can't or are away, please put a message in the announcement so at least I know.

So, I will give the banner maker a little bit more time, but will likely end up going elsewhere. I really like the look of the pre-made one, but I don't and won't wait around for forever. After all, Modred is a black cat and Halloween is coming up, he's got things to do.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Box of Wooden Pegs

Sometimes in the vintage trade, you come across items you're just not sure what to do with. At my last auction, I ended up with a box of wooden pegs. They could also work as vampire stakes, but since I'm not friends with any vampire killers I'm not sure what to do with them.

I haven't come across any this old. They likely marked property or a garden, as some still have some rope with them. They were then put in a barn and forgotten, until I came along. They will probably sit in my basement for awhile, as I'm not sure what to do with either. Thankfully, we have the room, and my husband tolerates my vintaging. Sometimes you just hold onto items until you learn more about them, or what to do with them.

I did learn people would make dolls from some wooden pegs. I remember being a child and learning about Laura Ingalls' doll she made with a corncob. In today's modern age, it's hard for me to relate to this. I don't know how we survived without the inter net, but survive we did. I would prefer a soft doll to a hard doll, but again, it's a different age.

The only marking pegs I see today are metal. Someone likely carved these from wood, taking time and care. I want to make sure whoever ends up with these realize that once upon a time someone cared about his work, and made these. That's also part of selling vintage, you want your items to find a good home. For now they will stay with me, until I find one.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Country Auction

Once upon a time, someone mentioned that vintage sellers didn't work as hard as people who sell handmade because they don't put as much time in it. I'm guessing they've never been to a country auction. I attended one yesterday, the family had been there for four generations, but the place had been sold and it was time to move some very old items. There was a bunch of it I had to sit through, and as one woman said "we used our antiques," so mint condition wasn't an option. This is to be expected though, mint condition is a rarity with vintage, especially since some of the items dated from the early 1900s.

I got up in the morning, and it was cold and raining. It rained throughout the day, but I had my fingerless gloves from HamsaHealing, plus a jacket and coat because I am a bit of cold-weather weenie. The auction was at the farm in an out-building, so it could have been worse. You park along the road and walk-up, my feet got a little wet and muddy by the time I was done.

More rain. Most auctions have a friendly vibe to them, even if you're being out-bid. I sat next to one lady who took some of the items that no one was bidding on. She turned to me and said "I'm nuts." We both had a good laugh and I helped her move some our her items to another area, as space was limited.

I wish I could re-do furniture. Farm furniture is usually older and quality made, it just needs to be refreshed. Unfortunately, it's not a strength of mine. Maybe someday I'll have the room to buy it then re-sell it to people who can give it new life.

There were a lot of quilts and older linens. I don't know much about then, I think that's why I like reading the blog A Passion for Vintage Textiles. She knows her stuff and I'm always learning something. As a general rule, quilts hold their value. I have yet to go to an auction where they are going "cheap." I think every generation appreciates the quality and beauty of quilts.

All farm houses have to have a friendly dog, and this was no exception. His name was Clay, and even though he was wet I had to pet him. I have to admit, I gave him a french-fry. He wasn't too proud to beg, nice dog.

I made it through the auction, it was a full-day and time to go home. Sometimes with auctions if you can out-last some of your fellow-bidders you can get better deals. I had a good time and will be listing some of the items on my Zibbet and Etsy web-site as time allows. I hope everyone had a nice weekend, but hopefully yours was warmer with less rain.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Vintage Fashion - How Best to Display Shoes

This post was originally going to be about vintage shoes, but when I searched for vintage shoes, well, some of the photographs on Etsy stood out as bad. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, or be mean, so I won't show pictures of some of the offenders. And please keep in mind, this is just my opinion, from a buyer's point of view. I don't sell vintage shoes, and am by no means an expert.

I was searching for vintage boots, and clicked on a tall pair. Let's just say the close-up wasn't good. The person is wearing them, and I do want to say it may not be a good idea to show vintage shoes being worn. Vintage items are great, well-made, but if you do show them being worn on another persons foot, sometimes the mind does wander over to the "foot odor" area.

Also, if I can tell you're not wearing socks, that grosses me out a bit. Again, I might be picky, but if they're mis-laced and a person's bare feet are wearing an item I want to buy that doesn't conjour up any pleasant thoughts. When I go shopping for new shoes, I know people may have tried them on before I do, but I don't have pictures of them doing so. Also, some legs aren't meant for shoe close-ups. If you're really pale, and the shoes are black, your legs look really bright and hurt my eyes. I don't have good legs, that's why I don't have any leg close-ups.

Below is a picture done by BirdsChasingBugs on Etsy. Nice picture, classy, I even like the background. No one is wearing them, foot odor doesn't even occur to me. These would be a pair I would buy, the photograph sets a pleasant mood, which is important when buying on-line. Set the scene based on the shoe, and the photo will sell the item.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's About Me!

Hello, I'm going to toot my own horn here a bit, I've been featured on another blog. If you have a moment, check it out:

They also have a store on Etsy, and if you're looking for some fingerless gloves I can recommend them from my own experience. I love the quality of hand-made.

I also want to thanks KawarthaBeads for featuring my Tupperware stacking bowls on her blog. I enjoy the blog, it has some good information as well as popular tags for Etsy's front page. I keep trying in vain to get a treasury on the front page. It would be more productive to hit my head on a desk, but once I try for something I keep going. If you have a moment, stop by and say hi.

And thanks to my blog followers, and enjoy reading the posts of other blogs as well as the comments left on my blog.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Shawnee Miniatures

Looking for a bit of vintage decor, but don't have much room? May I suggest Shawnee Pottery Miniatures. They started production in the late 30s and lasted through the 40s. The miniatures come is a variety of themes, from small vases to the Puppy Dog at the left. They were used as party favors to aquarium ornaments, and could be bought in packages.

Since these are older items, paint loss and small chips are common. Finding one in true mint condition is rare. As with most Shawnee pieces, if there is gold on them they are worth more. The aren't marked Shawnee, they were marked USA or left blank. The USA mark was used by other pottery companies, not just Shawnee.

The size ranges from 3/4" to 3 1/4." Demand isn't as popular as it once was, but I wouldn't say they are easily found either. Keep your eyes out, as some people don't know they are Shawnee. Even if you're not a Shawnee collector, their cuteness and smallness can work well for decorating tight places.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

80s Flashback-E.T. the Extra Terrestrial

When E.T. came out in 1982, I wanted to see it. Every kid I knew wanted to see it. I lived in a rural area growing up, and people from miles around came to the one movie theater in the area. In fact, the original showing was full by the time we arrived, but they were doing a later one due to the crowds. We made the later showing, and sat on the floor. Since my sister and I were young, we didn't care. When you get older sitting on the floor is a bigger problem.

I only saw the movie that one time, and never again. I enjoyed it, but I watched it as a kid. I'm sure most of the references were over my head, and I missed subtleties that I would have picked up as an adult (for example, how did the mom manage to miss an alien in the house?). My sister asked a lot of questions and I tried to answer them as best I could. I do remember the end, and I cried a lot, it was sad when E.T. left.

Like most things from my childhood, I'm afraid of revisiting it. The ending won't be as sad, and I won't be sitting on the floor of a crowded movie theater answering questions. I liked the movie as a kid, I can't see liking it as much as an adult. I enjoy the memory the way it is.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Chosen Vintage

Usually this is my vintage home decor section, but today I decided to do something different. I love vintage jewelry, it's unique, well-made, and has stood the test of time. Sometimes I come across pieces that are damaged, and I wish I had the talent to fix them, because they are still stylish pieces that deserve new life, but I don't.

That's why I'm glad there are shops on Etsy like Chosen Vintage. When I do have pieces that are less than perfect, I list them, and someone like her buys them, and gives them a beautiful new life. I've included three examples from her shop, aren't they lovely? Also, as a bonus her shop is running a sale. If you have a moment visit her shop, there are a variety of items and your jewelry won't look like everyone else's-and who doesn't love a sale?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Blog Hop

Crazy Day, I'll spare you the details, but let's just say some things are still better done in person that on the Internet, no matter what you might hear. I'm going to participate in the Friday Blog Hop done by Graphic Design by Tara. It's a great way to check out some new blogs, and I love the graphic below. Happy Hopping.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Uses for Test Tubes

I wasn't the best at science, but I do remember the test tubes. They were kind of neat, but it wasn't like I was good enough to get to mix any dangerous chemicals like they showed in the movies. When I graduated high school I never saw them again, since I made sure to avoid science in college.

I now see test tubes popping up as bud vases, or for other decorative purposes. I think it's a cute idea, and original. The picture on the left looked like the ones I had in high school, it's for sale at polkadotHOME on Etsy. I've also seen beakers and other high school implements used as home decor.

I'm not sure how one comes across vintage science class items, perhaps a retiring teacher? I've never come across any, but I'll keep my eyes out. Like most vintage items, if I can't use it, someone else can.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Did you Blink?

It's been a busy week, what with the kids starting back to school. Since the youngest is in preschool, I only get a couple of hours of "down time" and I'm amazed at how fast it goes. I still have a ton of items on my to-do list, both vintage and family related.

I took pictures of the squirrel bank roughly a week ago, but hadn't had time to get around and list it. I finally had a chance on Friday night, not the best time to list new items, but the kids are asleep and my husband is out of town. Even if no one is looking, I figured it was best to get it listed.

I also had to do some numbers for the month. I listed the bank (it is cute), then was looking over my sold items. A few minutes later, the bank showed up in my sold items. Wow, wasn't expecting that, I thought it was a mistake at first. When it wasn't, I was very pleased, but for the most part my items don't sell within minutes. Okay, there was that one time I had a cameo grouping that looking back I did under price, so I could see why that one sold fast, but even it wasn't this fast.

Tomorrow, it's off to the Post Office. I'll keep my eyes open for any more squirrel banks, especially if they are as adorable as the one I sold. Just goes to show you never know when you will make a sale.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Back to School, Vintage Style

It's been a busy week, I've been running around getting my kids ready for school. There are forms to complete, school supplies, doctor notes, and back to school nights. Once they're back in school, my day does get a little easier and I will be able to put more time into my shops and blog. I can also run errands to the grocery store without any complaints. In honor of back to school, I've picked out a few vintage items.

The schools of my youth had chalkboards, not wipe-off boards. The frame on this chalkboard is vintage, and it was re-made into a great chalkboard. It's for sale at mimiyaya at Zibbet.

I actually learned to type on a typewriter very similar to this. No, I'm not that old, our school was just that behind the times. Some had computer labs, I had this, but I digress. This is for sale at ChaseVictory on Etsy.

This old style school desk is for sale at queganga on Etsy.

Monday, August 9, 2010

My Award

Look at me, I got an award for my blog! My thanks to Graphic Design by Tara for the award. Isn't it pretty? I enjoy blogging and reading other people's blogs, so it's always nice to be recognized.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Flawed Vintage

In vintage forums, I often come across threads where people have been selling mint/high quality vintage items, and they are wondering if it's okay to sell pieces that are less than perfect. My answer is always, yes, so long as you are honest about the flaws, describe them, photograph them, and price accordingly.

Part of the joy of selling vintage for me it to find new homes for items where they will be appreciated, not sitting in a box somewhere or winding up in a landfill. If I come across some shelves that I know can be picked up with some paint, stain, or other touches because the quality of the wood is still good, I grab them. I don't have the talent to restore them, but someone else does. I price them low enough to still make a profit, but so that the person that is restoring them can profit as well.

What if you're looking for a mixing bowl for everyday use? You could go out, buy one, but it's likely made overseas and the quality or style might be questionable. Or, you could buy a vintage one, it has some scratches, but if it was made by Fire-King I know you'll love the decoration and quality. Also, you'll be helping the environment, some small business, or if you buy it at a thrift store you'll be helping some charitable cause. If you're looking for items for everyday use, it doesn't have to be perfect, so long as it works is what matters.

I have a planter in my Modred12 store that isn't perfect, but it will still work as a planter. There's some white that shows along the rim of the planter. You can still plant with it, and do anything you like, but I'm letting people know that if they have a McCoy collection of high quality this isn't the piece that they want. If you're just looking for a planter for everyday use, this would be a nice piece to have. The white hardly detracts from it, and it would still work fine. It has been priced accordingly, and not priced as mint.

So, if you have some flawed item that still works fine for it's intended use, list it. I might sell, it might not, but you never can tell. Always be honest with the flaws and price accordingly, and see what happens.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

80s Flashback-The Water Bed

In the 80s, my cousin got a water bed. Oh, I loved it so. I was jealous. Back then it was one big water chamber, and the whole bed would move. I thought it was the coolest thing ever, and I kept asking my parents for one, but to no avail.
I have to say, on this one they were right. Years ago we stayed at a friend's house, and they had a water bead. It was a one big water chamber 80s type of water bed, in fact I think it was a left over from the friend's childhood. To be fair, I don't think it was filled all the way, but this part of the problem with a water bed. Maintenance, it needs to be filled and taken care of.

My husband got in the bed, and I started going up and down on waves. At some point I did go to sleep, but then I somehow was wedged between the water bed cushion and the protective guide rails. This could be problematic for children, instead of annoying for me. I then had to re-adjust, waking up my husband. It wasn't a good night sleep.

I know water beds have improved since that time. My mom had one with individual chambers, so there was less wave action. If I tried a recent water bed I might even like it, but again, the maintenance, the water filling. I could seem them being kinder than a mattress for allergy problems, but since I don't have a big allergy problem, I'll just keep my bed.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blue Mountain Pottery

I'm a fan of Blue Mountain Pottery, and love coming across it. It's not as popular as McCoy or Roseville, I've seen it mis-identified a few times. Since it was a Canadian Pottery company, that might be the reason for some of the confusion. Unfortunately, it closed it's doors in 2004, a victim of cheaper imports. It was a popular pottery company, and there are plenty of pieces in good condition, as well as fan clubs that can help you should you have any questions. However, as time goes on it will become more unique.

The glaze always catches my eye, and I check the item out. If it's the real deal, the glaze is thick, and Blue Mountain Pottery did a double glazing with two different colors known as "reflowing decorating." Some of the pieces with a closed bottom are marked BPM, but other marks existed. The most popular color is the greenish shade(s), but they also did other colors, such as reds and golds. They did figurines to serving ware. Below are a few pieces from my own collection, and they aren't for sale.

This is an example of the open bottom, it won't be marked. One of my pieces still has a paper label, but just because it isn't marked doesn't mean it's not Blue Mountain Pottery. As with anything, there are fakes, so be cautious and know the dealer.

This cat is approximately a foot tall, I couldn't get him in the entire photograph. Please note the label. With vintage, it's not tacky at all to leave the label on, and it increases value.
The deer was being sold as a Frankoma, and I got the dog rather cheaply because they didn't know what it was. Fortunately, I did.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Vintage French Sofa

I love treasuries on Etsy, and I love it whenever I'm featured in one. I discover new shops and items that I wouldn't have found on my own. I do think the treasury system is a little flawed in that I would love to see different shops and items picked for more variety on the front page, but I digress. Etsy didn't ask me.

I was featured in a French themed treasury by BirdsChasingBugs. I was checking it out and clicking the pictures, when I noticed this couch, or rather it "jumped out" at me. My family had one similar when I was growing up. I remember when I went with my mom and sister to someones house to get it re-upholstered. I'm not sure what happened to the couch, but the fabric on the one below looks great. It's for sale by bohemiennes on Etsy. Not only do I love the item, but the staging is perfect, in turn making it the perfect picture. I bet your neighbors don't have this couch. My parents did, once upon a time.

Monday, July 26, 2010

New Uses for Elegant Depression Glass Compotes

I love Elegant Depression, but as anyone who tries to collect it knows, if it was a popular pattern, there are sometimes hundreds of pieces to collect. This is part of the fun and challenge, but why were there so many pieces? They had a compote, also know as a comport, for everything.

Jelly, it gets an elegant compote. Honey, yep, also slice off that cheese, it gets a flat one to go into. If you can think of it, it has a piece for it. Remember this when people talk of consumerism being a new thing, I can see housewives competing by setting tables. Who had the most elegant table, you or the Joneses? I have to admit, I would love to eat at these tables, but not set them up. I have enough to do just by cooking the Thanksgiving dinner, let alone getting a compote ready for everything.

I'm not trying to sound dismissive or harsh of the by-gone era by any means. That's why I love older glass, and vintage in general, there is a quality and elegance. If you're not a collector of Elegant Depression patterns, you can use some of the deeper compotes as pretty candle holders. If you don't need a comport for your jelly, why not add some water and add a tea light. The picture below if for sale at Modred12 at Etsy, and I think it would be a lovely centerpiece. Surround it with flowers for a wedding, or just do a simple votive. The glass is striking on it's own, and with some additions it can be a standout.

By the way, if you are setting any Elegant Depression glass table for any occasion, feel free to invite me.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Getting Ready for the Holidays

Since I'm back from my vacation I started listing some new items at both of my stores. In the next week or two, I'll start listing my vintage Christmas items. Too early you say? I can't be the only early Christmas shopper. I've found that if I plan out my shopping instead of waiting until the last minute Christmas is more affordable.

I'm also going to offer mailing directly to the gift recipient. You buy from me, and if you would like it mailed elsewhere just let me know know in the notes to seller when you check-out. I hope to start this in the next month or two, but I need some gift tags or mini cards, and haven't been able to find something I like. The black cat is my brand, so I need a realistic looking black cat with a holiday theme. If there are any card stores that you could recommend please put them in the comments. I'll be happy to take a look, and I prefer supporting small businesses like myself.

I have tried Alchemy on Etsy in the past. I was pleased with the product I received, I just didn't like telling the people that I didn't pick that I turned them down. I felt like a meanie, it's not like they did anything wrong. So, after doing that once I'm not a fan of the Alchemy format on Etsy. I may try the Zibbet forum if I can't find what I want, but hopefully one of my blog followers can help me out.

In the meantime, here's a couple of new items that I've listed, and much more on the way. It's time to get ready for the holidays.

I love the condition of this vintage Rival Juice O Mat juicer. It's for sale at Modred12 on Etsy.

These Fire King small bowls are for sale at my ModredVintage Zibbet shop.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm Back

I have returned from what was a mountain heavy vacation. My husband and I met each other in Denver, and would head for the mountains as time allowed. We now live in a prairie state, but miss the mountains. For our trip, we visited Jackson and Yellowstone in Wyoming, then headed up to Glacier National Park in Montana. We then visited the Canadian Rockies outside of Calgary, Alberta (and avoided the Stampede). We have plenty of mountain pictures, even though they never do nature justice.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Random Updates, Trades and Zibbet Shoping

My shops will be closing tomorrow, I'm going to be heading out on vacation. I'm looking forward to it, my husband and I will hit the Jackson Hole area, then up to Calgary. I'm will be seeing relatives and friends, and am glad my parents were so nice and agreed to watch our children. As much as I enjoy my Zibbet and Etsy stores, and my blog, breaks are always nice. I will still be in contact via the convo/contact system, but will be checking less frequently. Before I go, here's some of my pre-trip shopping and trading that I did.

I never have traded before, but I always wanted to try it. When HamsaHealing on Etsy contacted me, how could I refuse? I love the fingerless gloves and hat I received, and the process was easy. I adore the quality of handmade, and wish I had the talent for it. I "almost" can't wait for winter so I can wear them.

I needed some soap, so I got a four-pack from ForgetMeNotSoapShop on Zibbet. The wooden soap dish is from YourTime also on Zibbet.

One of my favorite jewelry shops is on Zibbet. It's called FeroshKittyDesigns, and since I'm going on vacation, I of course needed a new necklace. Isn't it pretty?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

80s Flashback-The Facts of Life

I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, but I used to love The Fact of Life. I was there from the beginning, the days of Molly Ringwald and when Tootie wore skates to try to hide the fact that Kim Fields was so much shorter and younger than the rest of the cast. It started as a group of girls at a boarding school, but soon became about four young girls and Mrs. Garrett.

Jo was by far my favorite. She was a "bad girl" because she rode a motorcycle, although now that I think about it they never actually showed her riding the motorcycle, it was all off screen. She got the other three in trouble and they had to work in the school cafeteria with Mrs. Garrett to pay off the damages they did to the school van. They came from fairly well-to do parents (except Jo), especially Blair, why did they have to work it off? Wouldn't they have been bailed out? The Facts of Life work plot lines work better when you're a kid.

Jo was from the working class, Blair the rich girl, and then there were Natalie and Tootie. They weren't focused on as much, and I can't think of any defining trait of either. They were both nice girls that would deliver a joke. The show seemed to go on forever, Edna was at the school, then opened her own catering business, which makes sense, and they all moved with her, which doesn't make as much sense. After the catering business burnt down she opened a trendy store. This one doesn't make any sense either, but the store seemed to do fine no matter how the economy was. They added characters, there was a boy and even George Clooney as a young handyman. Mrs. Garrett left, her sister came in. At this point I was long gone.

I went back and watched it when I was older, and it just isn't that good of a show. Why do these four always stay together? It's like Laverne and Shirley, when all their friends and family moved with them to California. This doesn't happen in real life, no one moves when you move unless you're married with children. The plots were very formulaic and nothing really groundbreaking happened, and I can't tell you a joke from the show. Oh well, it was the 80s, and it fit in well with the times.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hazel Atlas State Glasses

Today I woke up to rain, not the best way to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday. However, in honor of the birthday of our country, I decided to focus on Hazel Atlas State Glasses. They are very collectible, and who doesn't love learning a little fact about the state you live in? They're also known as map glasses, as this was how they were advertised.

There are a variety of designs, variations, and colors. They are frosted, with greens, pinks, blues, oranges, or yellow. They are vibrant colors. They were made during the 50s and some are marked HA for Hazel Atlas, some aren't. Please note that Imperial Glass also made a line of state glasses during the same time period, and I've seen them mis-identified. In my experience, the Imperial Glass line is also frosted, but done with a red, and it's not as neon as the Hazel Atlas line is. If anyone else has something to add about the differences please do.

The glasses from the western states tend to see higher demand. There were also glasses done for souvenir spots, such as Pikes Peak. They are cool glasses, I like them. If you price them within reason they do sell, as they are unique and you don't see glass items like this today. I've included a couple of examples below.

This Nevada glass is for sale in my ModredVintage shop on Zibbet.

Here's a Nebraska glass I have my eye on. It's for sale on Etsy by FreshPikd4u. I better not wait too long, with vintage, when it's gone, it's gone.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Vintage Fashion-Vintage Swimsuits

In honor of the upcoming summer weekend, I'm doing my vintage fashion a little early and focusing on the swimsuit. Any woman who has any "problem areas" doesn't relish swimsuit shopping. It seems that most of the swimsuits I come across today don't hide any of the problems. I think the 50s/60s had it right when it comes to swimsuits. They were sexy, showed a little skin, but not too much. I've pulled out three swimsuits from the time period that are unique, cover, but are still fun for summer.

This one dates from the 1960s and has boy shorts underneath. It's for sale on Etsy by 2blackbirds.

This one is from Planetclairvintage on Etsy. It dates from the 50s, and also looks like a fun dress.

Check out this Red Plaid Swimsuit for sale at Glamoursurf. It dates from the 50s as well.