Sunday, August 8, 2010

Flawed Vintage

In vintage forums, I often come across threads where people have been selling mint/high quality vintage items, and they are wondering if it's okay to sell pieces that are less than perfect. My answer is always, yes, so long as you are honest about the flaws, describe them, photograph them, and price accordingly.

Part of the joy of selling vintage for me it to find new homes for items where they will be appreciated, not sitting in a box somewhere or winding up in a landfill. If I come across some shelves that I know can be picked up with some paint, stain, or other touches because the quality of the wood is still good, I grab them. I don't have the talent to restore them, but someone else does. I price them low enough to still make a profit, but so that the person that is restoring them can profit as well.

What if you're looking for a mixing bowl for everyday use? You could go out, buy one, but it's likely made overseas and the quality or style might be questionable. Or, you could buy a vintage one, it has some scratches, but if it was made by Fire-King I know you'll love the decoration and quality. Also, you'll be helping the environment, some small business, or if you buy it at a thrift store you'll be helping some charitable cause. If you're looking for items for everyday use, it doesn't have to be perfect, so long as it works is what matters.

I have a planter in my Modred12 store that isn't perfect, but it will still work as a planter. There's some white that shows along the rim of the planter. You can still plant with it, and do anything you like, but I'm letting people know that if they have a McCoy collection of high quality this isn't the piece that they want. If you're just looking for a planter for everyday use, this would be a nice piece to have. The white hardly detracts from it, and it would still work fine. It has been priced accordingly, and not priced as mint.

So, if you have some flawed item that still works fine for it's intended use, list it. I might sell, it might not, but you never can tell. Always be honest with the flaws and price accordingly, and see what happens.

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