Monday, August 30, 2010

Chosen Vintage

Usually this is my vintage home decor section, but today I decided to do something different. I love vintage jewelry, it's unique, well-made, and has stood the test of time. Sometimes I come across pieces that are damaged, and I wish I had the talent to fix them, because they are still stylish pieces that deserve new life, but I don't.

That's why I'm glad there are shops on Etsy like Chosen Vintage. When I do have pieces that are less than perfect, I list them, and someone like her buys them, and gives them a beautiful new life. I've included three examples from her shop, aren't they lovely? Also, as a bonus her shop is running a sale. If you have a moment visit her shop, there are a variety of items and your jewelry won't look like everyone else's-and who doesn't love a sale?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Blog Hop

Crazy Day, I'll spare you the details, but let's just say some things are still better done in person that on the Internet, no matter what you might hear. I'm going to participate in the Friday Blog Hop done by Graphic Design by Tara. It's a great way to check out some new blogs, and I love the graphic below. Happy Hopping.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Uses for Test Tubes

I wasn't the best at science, but I do remember the test tubes. They were kind of neat, but it wasn't like I was good enough to get to mix any dangerous chemicals like they showed in the movies. When I graduated high school I never saw them again, since I made sure to avoid science in college.

I now see test tubes popping up as bud vases, or for other decorative purposes. I think it's a cute idea, and original. The picture on the left looked like the ones I had in high school, it's for sale at polkadotHOME on Etsy. I've also seen beakers and other high school implements used as home decor.

I'm not sure how one comes across vintage science class items, perhaps a retiring teacher? I've never come across any, but I'll keep my eyes out. Like most vintage items, if I can't use it, someone else can.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Did you Blink?

It's been a busy week, what with the kids starting back to school. Since the youngest is in preschool, I only get a couple of hours of "down time" and I'm amazed at how fast it goes. I still have a ton of items on my to-do list, both vintage and family related.

I took pictures of the squirrel bank roughly a week ago, but hadn't had time to get around and list it. I finally had a chance on Friday night, not the best time to list new items, but the kids are asleep and my husband is out of town. Even if no one is looking, I figured it was best to get it listed.

I also had to do some numbers for the month. I listed the bank (it is cute), then was looking over my sold items. A few minutes later, the bank showed up in my sold items. Wow, wasn't expecting that, I thought it was a mistake at first. When it wasn't, I was very pleased, but for the most part my items don't sell within minutes. Okay, there was that one time I had a cameo grouping that looking back I did under price, so I could see why that one sold fast, but even it wasn't this fast.

Tomorrow, it's off to the Post Office. I'll keep my eyes open for any more squirrel banks, especially if they are as adorable as the one I sold. Just goes to show you never know when you will make a sale.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Back to School, Vintage Style

It's been a busy week, I've been running around getting my kids ready for school. There are forms to complete, school supplies, doctor notes, and back to school nights. Once they're back in school, my day does get a little easier and I will be able to put more time into my shops and blog. I can also run errands to the grocery store without any complaints. In honor of back to school, I've picked out a few vintage items.

The schools of my youth had chalkboards, not wipe-off boards. The frame on this chalkboard is vintage, and it was re-made into a great chalkboard. It's for sale at mimiyaya at Zibbet.

I actually learned to type on a typewriter very similar to this. No, I'm not that old, our school was just that behind the times. Some had computer labs, I had this, but I digress. This is for sale at ChaseVictory on Etsy.

This old style school desk is for sale at queganga on Etsy.

Monday, August 9, 2010

My Award

Look at me, I got an award for my blog! My thanks to Graphic Design by Tara for the award. Isn't it pretty? I enjoy blogging and reading other people's blogs, so it's always nice to be recognized.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Flawed Vintage

In vintage forums, I often come across threads where people have been selling mint/high quality vintage items, and they are wondering if it's okay to sell pieces that are less than perfect. My answer is always, yes, so long as you are honest about the flaws, describe them, photograph them, and price accordingly.

Part of the joy of selling vintage for me it to find new homes for items where they will be appreciated, not sitting in a box somewhere or winding up in a landfill. If I come across some shelves that I know can be picked up with some paint, stain, or other touches because the quality of the wood is still good, I grab them. I don't have the talent to restore them, but someone else does. I price them low enough to still make a profit, but so that the person that is restoring them can profit as well.

What if you're looking for a mixing bowl for everyday use? You could go out, buy one, but it's likely made overseas and the quality or style might be questionable. Or, you could buy a vintage one, it has some scratches, but if it was made by Fire-King I know you'll love the decoration and quality. Also, you'll be helping the environment, some small business, or if you buy it at a thrift store you'll be helping some charitable cause. If you're looking for items for everyday use, it doesn't have to be perfect, so long as it works is what matters.

I have a planter in my Modred12 store that isn't perfect, but it will still work as a planter. There's some white that shows along the rim of the planter. You can still plant with it, and do anything you like, but I'm letting people know that if they have a McCoy collection of high quality this isn't the piece that they want. If you're just looking for a planter for everyday use, this would be a nice piece to have. The white hardly detracts from it, and it would still work fine. It has been priced accordingly, and not priced as mint.

So, if you have some flawed item that still works fine for it's intended use, list it. I might sell, it might not, but you never can tell. Always be honest with the flaws and price accordingly, and see what happens.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

80s Flashback-The Water Bed

In the 80s, my cousin got a water bed. Oh, I loved it so. I was jealous. Back then it was one big water chamber, and the whole bed would move. I thought it was the coolest thing ever, and I kept asking my parents for one, but to no avail.
I have to say, on this one they were right. Years ago we stayed at a friend's house, and they had a water bead. It was a one big water chamber 80s type of water bed, in fact I think it was a left over from the friend's childhood. To be fair, I don't think it was filled all the way, but this part of the problem with a water bed. Maintenance, it needs to be filled and taken care of.

My husband got in the bed, and I started going up and down on waves. At some point I did go to sleep, but then I somehow was wedged between the water bed cushion and the protective guide rails. This could be problematic for children, instead of annoying for me. I then had to re-adjust, waking up my husband. It wasn't a good night sleep.

I know water beds have improved since that time. My mom had one with individual chambers, so there was less wave action. If I tried a recent water bed I might even like it, but again, the maintenance, the water filling. I could seem them being kinder than a mattress for allergy problems, but since I don't have a big allergy problem, I'll just keep my bed.