Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer Cabin

Last summer we were fortunate enough to spend some time with the extended family in a cabin by a lake. It was a wonderful time, and a wonderful cabin. It was a large wooden cabin, well made and decorated. We were able to do some boating and I really enjoyed it. My oldest had a good time as well, he still talks about it. If I were ever fortunate to enough to get my own cabin in the woods, I would love to decorate it with vintage items. These are three I found on Etsy while searching under vintage cabin decor.

I wish I had a lamp for this lampshade. It's for sale at BellwetherWares on Etsy.

I love ducks in a cabin, it's a must-have. These duck book-ends would look great with some vintage titles in between. They're for sale at onelovelyrosebud on Etsy.

This is a great piece of vintage wall decor for sale on TheLovelys on Etsy.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Uses for Old Bottles

When I was a child, we had an old outhouse by the house we used to live in. The house had once been a hotel, and the outhouse hadn't been in use for awhile. The walls had blown down on the outhouse, but the toilet and concrete base remained. It was a distance from the house, and tucked into the trees. A few feet from the outhouse was a pile of bottles. Looking back now I realize most of the bottles had to come from the depression era, if not sooner.

I love older glass. It has a thickness and quality to it that I admire. You lift it, and it has a "heft" to it. The same holds true with older bottles. The top image is from my Modred12 store. It's a lovely amber brown bottle, that comes from the 1960s at the earliest. It can stand by itself as a pretty item, but it can also work to hold flowers, whether a single bud or a bunch.
I have a similar bottle for sale as well, and they could "bookend" a larger item, whether a bigger vase or pottery piece. You can even mix and match, and the Good Seasons bottle would work with the brown bottle. It can be a eclectic mix, and one that will stand out.
So keep this option in mind when you're out looking for estate sale finds. Older glass can be beautiful by itself, but could hold flowers, or other pretty items such as glass beads, pebbles, or other small pretties. The quality of older glass is to be admired, as are well-made vintage items in general.

Friday, May 28, 2010

A Couple of Random Updates

I'm having a sale at my Zibbet shop-20% off. I usually don't do sales, but it looks like we're going to need some basement work done. It's currently at the "need to send a camera down a pipe" stage, but the options don't look good. At some point, the floor will be ripped up. Since this is where I store my vintage items I will have to take them off the shelves, box and move them. I would rather just sell them instead of move them upstairs and make sure they stay away from young kid hands and cat paws. That's why they are in shelves in the basement to begin with, it's cat and kid safe.

At this point, I'm not doing a sale at my Etsy site yet. This is one thing I wish Etsy would add, the option to have a sale. I have 100+ items and going through each listing is very taxing. I'm thinking if I do have one it would be through the shop announcement, but I'm taking a more "wait and see" attitude. I might change my mind when it gets to the "rip up the floor" stage.

An off vintage topic is that my boys are home for the summer and we're off to a good start. I enjoy being a mom and like their company. I just made some cookies with my oldest and put them in the oven. I'm not the best cook, but my chocolate chip cookies are getting better. My youngest is napping, so I made sure I saved some chocolate chips for him. It looks to be a good summer, even if our basement floor does get ripped up.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vintage Fashion - Vintage Sundresses

May is ending, and we are unusually warm. In fact, the air conditioner had to come one, something I try not to do unless I absolutely have to. Since it's so warm I decided to show some of my favorite vintage sundresses on Etsy. I like sundresses, they are casual and can help you stay cool. I love the light and airy feel of the fabric. I've tried to show you some different styles and colors. Even though I usually prefer dark colors, that just doesn't work very well during the hot summer days. Summer dresses work best in more feminine styles.

This one is for sale at VioletFolklore on Etsy. It's pretty in pink, and ready for summer.

This is such a simple blue summer dress. You can put it on and go, or add some jewelry is you want to dress it up a bit. It's for sale by CarnivoreCockatiel on Etsy.

This style of sundresses remind me of the 1980s. It's for sale at jessjamesjake on Etsy.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Roseville Pinecone

I love books. The internet is great, but when it comes to vintage research I look in my books first. I have several Gene Florence books on glass, and some pottery books, but I don't have books for everything I collect. I thought I would go the library and check out a Roseville book, and I grabbed Roseville, In All it's Splendor done my Jack and Nancy Bomm.

I've always recognized the Roseville Pinecone pattern. It's very pretty, and easy to recognize, you just look for a pinecone. I knew it was their most popular pattern, and it's still highly collected and sought after. However, until reading the book above I didn't know it was originally rejected by Roseville when it's creator, Ferrel, first made it. The sample was rejected and placed in a museum, where a salesman came across it. He was sure he could sell it, and it saved the company in the 1930s. I guess management not recognizing what the people want has been a common theme not only in this day and age.

Color plays a part in collectability. Pink is the rarest, so it tends to run more. Blue is also highly sought after. Since this pattern is easily recognized, you might not be able to find a bargain. If you do come across a piece at a garage sale that it reasonably priced, grab it. Even if you don't want it someone else will. Also, it still works great for home decor, and is very unique.

This sample is from PrissyAntiques on Etsy and according to the listing is in great condition. I just love the blue color. Wouldn't it look nice on a dresser with flowers in it?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

80s Flashback-She-Ra

I grew up in a rural area, without much television. Then, we moved to a less rural, but still rural area that had cable. It was a joyous time in a tweens life, because there were all sorts of new shows. Cartoons weren't limited to Saturday morning anymore, you could also watch them after school.

There were a lot of my favorites, but I remember She-Ra. She was the Princess of Power and she was invincible. Even at the time, I thought they actually made her too tough (and He-Man as well). The people she fought alongside (The Great Rebellion) didn't seem to do much, so they looked weak in comparison. In fact, the bad guys (Hordak and the Evil Horde) were also very weak. She always defeated them, easily. She would jump out of the way and two bad guys would crash into each other. If you have the Three Stooges on you payroll, odds are you won't last long being a bad guy. The Evil Horde still ruled over Etheria though, even though She-Ra could have driven them out rather easily.

The animation also left a lot to be desired. They re-used frames, pictures, and poses. In fact, I can still remember the one they used every episode that was half of She-Ra's head, a close-up of her talking while she dispensed some moral lesson. I'm not sure how she got to be so moral, since she was kidnapped and raised by Hordak, but as a kid I didn't question that plot hole.

She-Ra still has a place in my heart. There weren't a lot of strong females that were leads in the 1980s, so I did appreciate her. I'm also a sucker for sword fighters, it still lasts to this day. I'm just glad that children's cartoons have gotten better. The bad guys are much better and tougher, as are the "fight scenes." The better the bad guy, the better your hero or heroine looks.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fruit Salad Bowls

I love spring and summer. It's the time of year for hanging out with friends at parties and enjoying food from the grill. One of my favorite themes is how the fruit salad is served. Fruit salad is healthy and even someone with my limited skills can manage it. Here are some of my favorite serving dishes for fruit salad found on Etsy.

I love this leaf shaped bowl done by Deb Babcock at Blue Sky Pottery. Vintage or recent, I love pottery pieces, and her shop has some really unique and pretty pieces.

This one is from Modred12 on Etsy. I love eating fruit out of fruit shaped bowls.

A pedestal would make a nice fruit holder, but it could also work for fruit salad. If your buffet/table space is limited, a pedestal adds extra room, or could hold a bowl it needed. This one is for sale at VintageMementos on Etsy.

And more fruit shaped bowls, this bunch is for sale at MaryandGrace. After the party, you could also use it to serve cut up apples to your children.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Uses for Old Pottery

I've seen it time and time again at auctions. There is always some unloved, chipped piece of pottery that no one wants. It goes for $10.00, maybe $15.00 because of a hairline crack. It's not practical for day to day use, or displays, but is still a good decorative piece of pottery.

Why not buy that piece of pottery, and once the weather gets warm, take it home and use it in your rock garden or garden area? It will be a unique piece, and can add some color and panache to the area. If it's chipped, you don't have to worry about damaging it further. Also, like the top green planter, you could add some more flowers, colorful rocks, or whatever would work for your garden.

The Roseville Vase below is for sale by gracetimeline on Etsy, so I would advise against putting it in the garden since it's still in great condition. In fact, it still has the original foil label. Let's pretend that you come across a similar one at a second hand store or estate sale though, and it's not in the best condition. Wouldn't it look lovely outside surrounded by tall flowers. If it's chipped in the back on one is likely to be able to tell. It would be a perfect garden decoration, vintage style for outside.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Vintage-A Peek into the Past

I wish I could sew, or had the patience for it. I love quilts, they are warm, handmade, and last forever. When they come up for auctions, I've never seen a good quality made one go at an undeserved price. They really seem to hold their value. They are a way for the designer to express themselves through sewing, and as I get older I appreciate the quality of handmade items more.

I stumbled across some vintage quilt magazines at an estate sale this last weekend. The one on the left is from 1977, and it's an interesting peek into the past. The "grandmother" is dressed in the mode of Aunt Bea from the Andy Griffith Show, very prim and proper. I think the purpose is to show quilting being passed from one generation to another, but the little girl looks bored to me. I also love the title has "quilt gossip"- I wasn't aware this a big draw in 1977.

Collecting vintage items such as these are an interesting peek into another time, whether it be magazines or glass items. You can see how tastes and styles change. Some looks and items are timeless, why others can "date" a period. When you design your own space vintage items give you unique options for designing, as can handmade items. If you can sew your own quilt, you can design a bedroom around the color scheme of the quilt, using vintage and handmade items. You also have a very unique look, and I'll be jealous of your quilt and sewing abilities.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Vintage Fashion - Perfect Black Dress

The perfect black dress varies from woman to woman. Some prefer different styles or lengths. For me, the perfect black dress is vintage. Vintage clothing isn't a strength of mine, but vintage clothing is well made and often timeless (well, maybe not some of the collars, but I digress). I also like to show a little leg. Whatever style of dress you prefer, the perfect black dress is a must-have, as well as some matching jewelry.

I searched Etsy and found my perfect black dress at dakotasvintage. It dates from the 1940s.

I've been a fan of feroshkittydesigns every since I came across it on Zibbet. This necklace isn't vintage, but the store designs are vintage inspired. I've posted a necklace below, but there is a great selection of matching pieces that would work well with the perfect black dress.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Depression Glass Time Frame

Let me start by saying I think Gene Florence is the expert on depression glass. I have some of his books and consider him the "star" of the depression glass field, he was one of the first. So, it's not surprising that I agree with him on him on how to categorize depression glass, which is to use the time guidelines of 1920 through 1940. The latter periods are then considered glassware from the 40s/50s/60s.

I think this prevents confusion, first of all, quality mint condition depression glassware is hard to find due to the time period when it was made. If you're looking for 90 year old glass, or anything for that matter, it's hard to find non-chipped items. Also, the latter glassware has a charm of it's own, it doesn't need to be categorized as depression glass. I know there are some glassware books that call glassware from the 40s-70s depression glass, but to me it's not. In fact, several of these other books thank Gene Florence and use him as a resource, which further confirms to me who the true expert is. The 40s/50s/60s glassware was made differently, more automation, and it just doesn't sound right calling it depression glass. The great depression happened before World War II, not after. When I do searches for depression glass, whether on Etsy of the internet, and patterns that didn't start until the 60s show up, it can be frustrating as a customer.

Also, just a word of caution when buying. Make sure it's a reliable dealer, check feedback. Some patterns have been "copied" or molds purchased and used by other companies. Also, read the details, as stated above true mint depression glass is getting harder and harder to find each day, check the store's return policies. If you do collect, enjoy, it can be fun, and you'll find a lot of unique pieces. I have a couple examples of depression glass below.

This is a Queen Mary bowl for sale on Zibbet by CalloohCallay. The pattern was made by Anchor Hocking from 1936-1949. Even though the entire production time wasn't in the depression glass period, as portion does fall before 1940, so this is depression glass.

This is a Cameo plate for sale by BethVT on Etsy and the pattern was made by Hocking glass company from 1930-1934, making it true depression glass.

Friday, May 14, 2010

80s Flashback-Leg Warmers

Leg warmers were originally worn by dancers, but made it mainstream in the 1980s thanks to movies like Flashdance, and the general aerobics craze. When I was a little girl in the 1980s I had a pair, because everyone else had a pair. Mine were in neon pink and blue, reflecting the bright 1980s colors.

I didn't wear them they way you should, however, since I didn't do much aerobics as a youth. Any dancing that I did was tap dancing, a skill that has never been put to use in my adult life. When the snow would hit, I would put them on over my jeans. Again, why I thought this was a good idea is beyond me. They didn't work too well when I was playing in foot high snow. The snow would become ice, and freeze to my legwarmers. Instead of my legs staying warmer like they should have, my lower legs were encased in ice. Eventually I did stop wearing them, because no matter how cool I thought I was when I was wearing my leg warmers, running around in ice legs weren't worth it.

I'm not sure what became of those leg warmers, they were discarded long ago. Leg warmers occasionally pop up again as a fashion statement, albeit in less bright colors. Now that I'm older I can never see myself wearing them again. My legs just never really get cold.

-Picture from BethAKABetty on Etsy. If you're looking for vintage clothing, why don't you stop by?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Beach Lovers Bathroom

I love the beach, the color, the smell (well, most of the time). You can call it coastal, shore, or beach, but it's a great style. If you've ever rented or owned a house by the beach there is at least one room done with this theme, and some people are such fans that they take it home to with them from the beach. I've previously shown a Capri blue vase and a milk glass vase, either of them would work with this style as well. There's so much on Etsy, I'll likely be re-visiting this again, but here are some of my favorite items.

This is an upcycled lighthouse towel hanger done by monkeyandsquirrel on Etsy. I would prefer a white or blue towel for my bathroom.

And these would be cute with some seashell shaped soap, or any type of soap, since they are in a seashell shape. They are for sale at Modred12 on Etsy.

Okay, I know it's not vintage, but I've been such a fan of beachgrasscottage on Etsy since I started I had to put this in here. The entire store is dedicated to the shore, and has great items.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Uses for Tupperware

Tupperware has been around since 1946, so most of us have come across it and remember our moms having it. Tupperware works great for food storage, whether it's a head of lettuce or a cake carrier. There are also glasses, salt and peppers, and other dishes available.

However, there is another use that I like using it for, organizaion and storage of non-food items. I was walking my children down to school on the same day that garbage was put on the curb. I noticed a plastic container that was flimsy and broken. It was on it's way to a landfill, and would remain there for awhile. I could tell it was a new plastic container by the design, and they didn't get a lot of use out of it. Re-using items such at Tupperware can help keep newer items out of landfills.

Tupperware was well made, solid plastic. I bought a box at an auction I attended, and some of it was in poor condition/scratched. However, I do have a work area downstairs, and one contaner holds my papers and thank you cards, one one my tape, and I re-used a cup for my pens. It doesn't matter what it looks like, it gets the job done.

Kids areas are another area that could always use some organization, the containers work well for cars or crayons. They were also made such bright colors, so they add a bit of style and uniqueness to a shelf. I realize that Tupperware won't suit all your storage needs, due to the smaller sizes, but if you have a craft area or smaller items that do need organizing, think Tupperware.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Vintage Style: Whiting and Davis Purses

I'll admit, I'm not an expert on handbags, but I do love the mesh style of Whiting and Davis. The most popular vintage purses are from the 1930s, however the company is still around and making handbags that are worn by celebrities such as Eva Longoria or Shakira. New, they can run in the ballpark of between $100-$300 depending on the bag. So why not by vintage bags?-they are no longer in production and you'll still look great, and are often priced less. Here are some of my favorites from Etsy. This silver one is from AbigailPrada on Etsy. Isn't it pretty?:

This one is from RaeofLight on Etsy. Doesn't the gold just sparkle?

And of course, we need basic black, this one is for sale at Modred12 on Etsy:

Friday, May 7, 2010

Capri Glass

I have to admit, blue is not my favorite color, but I do love blue glass. It's so pretty and versatile, and the way the light shines through it is pretty. It can work with any coastal or water theme, and brighten up a room. Just look at the vase on the right for sale by CheshireCatAntiques on Etsy. As lovely as flowers are, would they look twice as nice in that vase?

Capri Glass made by Hazel Ware in the 1960s. It's still a reasonably priced pattern, that hasn't fully caught on with collectors. I'm not sure why, it's just beautiful. Please note, Capri refers only to pieces in the pattern that were made in blue. If it's in purple it's Moroccan Amethyst, and the same molds were used in the 70s for the colors crystal, amber, and green. I've often seen this pattern mis-identified, one time the seller claimed it was a lovingly hand blown piece.

Capri was done in Seashell (last picture), Swirl (top)and Colonial (middle picture)-the Colonial can also has some Swirl to it. It was also done in Tulip, which is the rarest. It has a petal edge and circular dotted center. The Seashell pattern it the most common. This is a wide ranging pattern, from ashtrays, plates, tidbits, and tumblers.

If you're looking for a little or lot of blue glass consider this pattern. There are many pieces available for a reasonable price, which may not last if collectors fall in love with this pattern the way I have.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

80s Flashback-The Hair Bands

Chris Rock once said of the Spice Girls, regarding their albums, "How come I don't know anyone who bought one?" The same could be said of the hair bands. Most people are ashamed to admit that they were once fans and purchased albums. You don't hear people discussing the great music of Poison, for example.

I admit, I loved the hair bands. Well, not all of them, but I did have a Poison and Skid Row poster on my wall. I had a huge crush on Sebastian Bach, the lead singer of Skid Row. I liked guys with long hair. I cranked up the songs and enjoyed them. I took them for granted, thought they would always be around, not aware that tastes and styles changed, including my own.

I caught the last big tour of Skid Row, and as a sign of what was to come their opening act was Soundgarden. Tastes did change, and the hair bands faded. The look of men growing out their hair was also gone, haircuts were given to most of the bands. I did have a couple of friends that for years after the look was popular would point to a guy and say, "look, he has long hair." I didn't matter what he looked like, they thought I would like him just because he had long hair. I just laugh at it now.

I also have to laugh at the music. It wasn't great, the themes were common, women, drinking, and parties. The bands would release a "hard" song for their street creed, then release a love ballad for record sales. I didn't matter if the previous song was rude to women, so long as a power ballad was made all was forgiven. It was a formula.

Sebastian Bach is now a reality show contest, as is Bret Michaels. They tour on a feeling of nostalgia, when their fans were younger and didn't have kids. The more I learn about Sebastian Bach the more I know my crush was mis-placed, he doesn't seem to be brightest bulb on the front porch. Then again, tastes change, what I loved as a teenager no longer holds true as an adult.

-----My thanks to PortableGraffiti on Zibbet for the buttons picture. If you're interested in buttons, 80s or otherwise, check it out on Zibbet. The selection is amazing.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Vintage Milk Glass Table

Milk glass isn't as popular as it once was, and I'm not sure why. It tends to fall into love it/hate it camps. I'm in the love it camp. There are some beautiful patterns and well made glass done in white. Also, it's versatile and easy to decorate with, since white matches just about anthing. We're going to decorate a table with vintage milk glass. White "pops" better against a darker color, but in honor of mother's day, let's put a pink tablecloth on our table. If you don't have pink it's okay to change it, again, this speaks to the flexibility of milk glass.
Let's start with a Paneled Grape vase listed on Etsy by BlueHouseVintage. There's enough of this Westmoreland pattern available that you could do the whole table with it, but I like to mix and match. Make sure you put some pretty pink flowers in there for mom:

Now we need some plates, jadeitekate on Etsy has the perfect style of plate to go with our pink/white table:

We need some glasses for water, juice, or mimosas, depending on your mom. These are from my store, Modred12 on Etsy:

And finally, let's add some napkin rings for mom, even if they aren't glass. This is a great buy from NewEnglandVintage on Etsy, you even get the napkins:

What mother wouldn't want a nice brunch at this table? Of course, make sure she doesn't cook or lift a finger, it would defeat the whole purpose. If you're not a fan of all the vintage items above, or have some items of your own you would want to use, that wouldn't be a problem at all. Vintage glassware, in fact most vintage items, are flexible enough the you can mix and match modern with vintage. Good quality vintage truly does have a timeless quality about it, and can fit into any area of your house. I hope you enjoy my vintage table.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Uses for Vintage Ashtrays

Do you ever watch the old television shows? Desi smoked, Lucy smoked, even Andy Taylor would light up on his porch at night. The television has been the focus of a room for awhile, but there was a time when the second focus had to be the ashtray. Functional yet decorative, it would be sitting nearby on an end table or coffee table.

People don't smoke like they used to, and when they do it's outside. If you're standing outside your office door the need for function or beauty isn't there, you just use a nearby trash can. Even if you do smoke in your house, most of the ashtrays don't have the inique style of a California Pottery made one. However, vintage ashtrays still exist, and even if you don't smoke, can still be used around the house as an unique decorative item.

I'm using a Frankoma ashtray I have for sale as an example. It can hold candles, and we know it's fireproof. It's deep enough you could fill it with water, and have some lovely tea lights floating in it for your next party. It can also be a stylish catch all on a dresser. Need something to hold the buttons that pop off?-the ashtray can work. It can also hold car keys, beads, and other small items. It's a beauty that could still have a functional purpose, even if it's no longer being used as an ashtray.