Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hazel Atlas State Glasses

Today I woke up to rain, not the best way to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday. However, in honor of the birthday of our country, I decided to focus on Hazel Atlas State Glasses. They are very collectible, and who doesn't love learning a little fact about the state you live in? They're also known as map glasses, as this was how they were advertised.

There are a variety of designs, variations, and colors. They are frosted, with greens, pinks, blues, oranges, or yellow. They are vibrant colors. They were made during the 50s and some are marked HA for Hazel Atlas, some aren't. Please note that Imperial Glass also made a line of state glasses during the same time period, and I've seen them mis-identified. In my experience, the Imperial Glass line is also frosted, but done with a red, and it's not as neon as the Hazel Atlas line is. If anyone else has something to add about the differences please do.

The glasses from the western states tend to see higher demand. There were also glasses done for souvenir spots, such as Pikes Peak. They are cool glasses, I like them. If you price them within reason they do sell, as they are unique and you don't see glass items like this today. I've included a couple of examples below.

This Nevada glass is for sale in my ModredVintage shop on Zibbet.

Here's a Nebraska glass I have my eye on. It's for sale on Etsy by FreshPikd4u. I better not wait too long, with vintage, when it's gone, it's gone.


Barbra said...

I'm not sure if they're the same but go to either Country Living magazine or Country Home and they are having a contest to win an entire set of state glasses. Love them!

Sarah B. said...

How cool would it be to collect one from each state? So fun!