Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Stupid and Exciting Day

Yesterday I knew I was featured somewhere. The bookends to the left were up to 57 views in in just over a hour before they sold at my Modred12 store on Etsy. If you get views like that every day, congratulations. I however, do not. I didn't know where the views were coming from though, so I had to wait until today/24 hrs for them to show up in my Google Analytics. For a brief moment I thought I was in Etsy's finds e-mail, but since I've never been promoted by Etsy I have no idea why I thought that.

This morning I woke up, and checked my Google Analytics. They were featured in a very popular and cool blog called Apartment Therapy. My shop had over 100 more views than it does on a busy day. I was thrilled-click here for the article.

I guess I was so excited that I didn't check the time. I was taking my youngest to school thinking it was 8:30, it was actually 9:30. I looked at the car clock, thinking it had to be wrong. I started driving to school, no kids walking and no school traffic. Yup, I really goofed; I asked the pre-school if "parent stupidity" could count as the reason he was late when I signed him in. I mis-read the time when I got up and just checked the minutes after that. I was an hour off all morning and had to scramble to get my oldest to the dentist. Usually I'm very time conscience, so I'm not sure what happened today. Oh well, it was a stupid and exciting day all in one.


fabriquefantastique said...

Ive occasionally had weird views like that.....a lot more than a treasury but not enough to be FP. No idea how to check GA .....anyway, thats terrific, Mod

Sarah B. said...

I think the excitement definitely overpowers the "stupidity". Congrats on being featured in such a cool place!! :)

One of a Kind said...

Featured on APARTMENT THERAPY??!?! That is the most wonderful thing! I'm so glad I finally found your blog, and am now a follower. It's been great chatting with you!

Barbra said...

Very cool about Apartment Therapy. Late to school?...not so much but I've done the same so you are not alone!