Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Uses for Old Jars and Customer Service Rant

I love what MidwestFinds on Etsy has done. Have an old jar?-put a lid on it. Instant soap dispenser. It's another clever idea that I love. I also like the way it looks, if you have an old blue Mason jar at home, it would really add some vintage style.

And now for the second part of my post, if you sell on Zibbet on Etsy, please answer you "messages to seller/convos." Since the black cat is my thing, I stumbled across a funky pre-made shop banner that I thought would work for Halloween for my Zibbet/Etsy shops. I really like it. I sent a convo. and more than 24hrs later no reply.

Just so you know, I like to send convos before I buy. I had a bad experience on E-bay. Bought the item, and nothing. I sent messages to the seller, nothing. I filed a claim of non-receipt and did get my money back, but I guess she was sick and couldn't respond to my messages. Unless I'm in a coma I get to the computer and can respond to my customers. Part of running an online business means being able to check your e-mails. If you can't or are away, please put a message in the announcement so at least I know.

So, I will give the banner maker a little bit more time, but will likely end up going elsewhere. I really like the look of the pre-made one, but I don't and won't wait around for forever. After all, Modred is a black cat and Halloween is coming up, he's got things to do.

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