Sunday, May 16, 2010

Vintage Fashion - Perfect Black Dress

The perfect black dress varies from woman to woman. Some prefer different styles or lengths. For me, the perfect black dress is vintage. Vintage clothing isn't a strength of mine, but vintage clothing is well made and often timeless (well, maybe not some of the collars, but I digress). I also like to show a little leg. Whatever style of dress you prefer, the perfect black dress is a must-have, as well as some matching jewelry.

I searched Etsy and found my perfect black dress at dakotasvintage. It dates from the 1940s.

I've been a fan of feroshkittydesigns every since I came across it on Zibbet. This necklace isn't vintage, but the store designs are vintage inspired. I've posted a necklace below, but there is a great selection of matching pieces that would work well with the perfect black dress.