Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer Cabin

Last summer we were fortunate enough to spend some time with the extended family in a cabin by a lake. It was a wonderful time, and a wonderful cabin. It was a large wooden cabin, well made and decorated. We were able to do some boating and I really enjoyed it. My oldest had a good time as well, he still talks about it. If I were ever fortunate to enough to get my own cabin in the woods, I would love to decorate it with vintage items. These are three I found on Etsy while searching under vintage cabin decor.

I wish I had a lamp for this lampshade. It's for sale at BellwetherWares on Etsy.

I love ducks in a cabin, it's a must-have. These duck book-ends would look great with some vintage titles in between. They're for sale at onelovelyrosebud on Etsy.

This is a great piece of vintage wall decor for sale on TheLovelys on Etsy.

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cabin + cub said...

the bookends are really cute! they look like they are both smiling. ;)