Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Uses for Vintage Ashtrays

Do you ever watch the old television shows? Desi smoked, Lucy smoked, even Andy Taylor would light up on his porch at night. The television has been the focus of a room for awhile, but there was a time when the second focus had to be the ashtray. Functional yet decorative, it would be sitting nearby on an end table or coffee table.

People don't smoke like they used to, and when they do it's outside. If you're standing outside your office door the need for function or beauty isn't there, you just use a nearby trash can. Even if you do smoke in your house, most of the ashtrays don't have the inique style of a California Pottery made one. However, vintage ashtrays still exist, and even if you don't smoke, can still be used around the house as an unique decorative item.

I'm using a Frankoma ashtray I have for sale as an example. It can hold candles, and we know it's fireproof. It's deep enough you could fill it with water, and have some lovely tea lights floating in it for your next party. It can also be a stylish catch all on a dresser. Need something to hold the buttons that pop off?-the ashtray can work. It can also hold car keys, beads, and other small items. It's a beauty that could still have a functional purpose, even if it's no longer being used as an ashtray.


Additionsstyle said...

I remember when everyone had an ashtray on their coffee table, and some of them were very cool. What good suggestions for those ashtrays no one uses anymore.

tootsytwo said...

Your Blog is Wonderful and I absolutely LOVE your banner and avatar!