Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Uses for Old Bottles

When I was a child, we had an old outhouse by the house we used to live in. The house had once been a hotel, and the outhouse hadn't been in use for awhile. The walls had blown down on the outhouse, but the toilet and concrete base remained. It was a distance from the house, and tucked into the trees. A few feet from the outhouse was a pile of bottles. Looking back now I realize most of the bottles had to come from the depression era, if not sooner.

I love older glass. It has a thickness and quality to it that I admire. You lift it, and it has a "heft" to it. The same holds true with older bottles. The top image is from my Modred12 store. It's a lovely amber brown bottle, that comes from the 1960s at the earliest. It can stand by itself as a pretty item, but it can also work to hold flowers, whether a single bud or a bunch.
I have a similar bottle for sale as well, and they could "bookend" a larger item, whether a bigger vase or pottery piece. You can even mix and match, and the Good Seasons bottle would work with the brown bottle. It can be a eclectic mix, and one that will stand out.
So keep this option in mind when you're out looking for estate sale finds. Older glass can be beautiful by itself, but could hold flowers, or other pretty items such as glass beads, pebbles, or other small pretties. The quality of older glass is to be admired, as are well-made vintage items in general.

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