Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fruit Salad Bowls

I love spring and summer. It's the time of year for hanging out with friends at parties and enjoying food from the grill. One of my favorite themes is how the fruit salad is served. Fruit salad is healthy and even someone with my limited skills can manage it. Here are some of my favorite serving dishes for fruit salad found on Etsy.

I love this leaf shaped bowl done by Deb Babcock at Blue Sky Pottery. Vintage or recent, I love pottery pieces, and her shop has some really unique and pretty pieces.

This one is from Modred12 on Etsy. I love eating fruit out of fruit shaped bowls.

A pedestal would make a nice fruit holder, but it could also work for fruit salad. If your buffet/table space is limited, a pedestal adds extra room, or could hold a bowl it needed. This one is for sale at VintageMementos on Etsy.

And more fruit shaped bowls, this bunch is for sale at MaryandGrace. After the party, you could also use it to serve cut up apples to your children.


Tawny said...

I totally remember a friend of mine having those apple shaped bowls when I was younger. I was so jealous! Great finds for summer!

April said...

I love the apple shaped bowls ♥

Cyber Hippie Gypsies said...

nice post! I can't wait for summer, it's gonna rock!

Barbra said...

The key-for me- with fruit salad bowls-is remembering to use them intead of the plain old glass Pyrex!!! Having dinner guests next week so thanks for the reminder.

Sarah said...

love those apple bowls!