Sunday, June 13, 2010


It's been a busy summer. I have both kids home, and as such I don't have as much time to give to my blog. When they are home I want to spend time with them, not on the computer. I need to enjoy the time while I can.

This summer has been play dates, doctor appointments, parks, and errands. Happily, the item I donated to the HelptheGulfCoast on Etsy has sold. It has been mailed and received. I also donated another item to a similar shop on Etsy, WildlifeAvatars. It's the little Shawnee Pottery puppy miniature, at left, and I hope it sells for a good cause.

This weekend we did a garage sale. It started off with rain, and then once the sun came out it was a humid day. It was a slow day, and we didn't sell as much as we would have liked. It was a boring Saturday, just sitting there waiting for people to come. What we didn't sell we will donate, so more items to a good cause.

I did come across some nice items at an estate sale on Sunday, it was some unmarked Fire-King Crinoline. Since it wasn't marked, they didn't know what they had and most people just walked on by. That's an advantage of being a vintage dealer in the "know." All vintage dealers have their areas of expertise, and glass happens to be mine. I'll list what I can as time allows.

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