Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fostoria Baroque

Fostoria Glass made the Baroque pattern from 1936-1966. It comes in many colors, including crystal, azure blue, and topaz yellow, which are the more common. Other harder to find colors are green, cobalt blue, pink, amber, and amethyst. If you do come across any colored elegant depression glass that is reasonably priced, grab it. If you don't want it someone else will. Also, mixing and matching of colors is fairly common in collections, and getting all one color can be expensive, time consuming, and impossible due to scarcity of color.

The candlesticks done in the Fostoria Baroque pattern are especially striking, and appeal not only to elegant depression glass collectors but to candlestick collectors, which increases demand and price. Cream soups are hard to find in the Baroque pattern, as are punch bowl sets. I love the punch bowl sets done in depression glass, but they are rather rare and often sought after. On the rare occasion when one does come to market I've seen it go well above book value. Not a bad investment if you got one for free from a grandparent.

If you see any pieces that have a purple or pink tint do not overpay for them. They are newer. Lancaster Colony glass did them for Tiara glass in bowls and vases using Fostoria molds. The color doesn't hold up to the original. As with most quality glass, the colors done in elegant depression can't be equalled.

I have a couple of examples from my own store, Modred12 on Etsy. The top is a pair of candlestick and the bottom is the azure blue water stem.


Marybeadz said...

very pretty I love glass

Anonymous said...

These are so fantastic - the detail is just incredible. I have never worked with glass - the way I understand it - you need fire and I am way too clumbsy for that!

Anyway, that just makes me admire the craftsmanship even more!