Sunday, June 6, 2010

Help the Gulf Coast on Etsy

What is going in the Gulf Coast is making me sick. The stories of people losing their way of life and the pictures of oil covered animals are disturbing, and that's an understatement. While we go about our daily lives the oil is still flowing and more damage is being done.

I was pleased I came across a store on the Etsy forums, it's called HelptheGulfCoast. Etsy members are donating items, and the profits will be split between two worthy charities. I have dontated the Florida tray plate at the right, and once it's been purchased I will be happy to ship it.

If you have a moment, check out the store. Shipping is free, so you can find some great items and help out a worthwhile cause. A special thanks to flapperdoodle on Etsy for setting up the store and doing the work behind it.

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111collagedesign said...

I just discovered that shop and have donated something too - what a great cause!