Sunday, June 6, 2010

Heisey Crystolite

Heisey made Crystolite from the late 1930s-1957. It often has the Heisey mark, the H inside the diamond. Please note that not all Heisey pieces have this, they also used paper labels. I have heard people say it's not a Heisey if it doesn't have the mark, and that simply is not true. If you deal in glass, you can recognize the look, heft (weight), and appearance of true quality glass. If you can't, find a dealer you trust and who allows returns.

This pattern has a lovely pitcher with a swan handle. The handle looks like a neck with a swan head. You'll know if you come across one, but they are priced rather high, as they are desirable.

As most elegant depression patterns, dinner plates in good condition are hard to find. They are either scratched, or mixed and matched with china plates, so less were purchased. This pattern was made in crystal only. It's a well made Heisey pattern, and I'm still able to find pieces in this pattern, which I can't say for a lot of Heisey patterns. It's simplicity has a timeless quality, and it would work with any decor preference.

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