Friday, May 7, 2010

Capri Glass

I have to admit, blue is not my favorite color, but I do love blue glass. It's so pretty and versatile, and the way the light shines through it is pretty. It can work with any coastal or water theme, and brighten up a room. Just look at the vase on the right for sale by CheshireCatAntiques on Etsy. As lovely as flowers are, would they look twice as nice in that vase?

Capri Glass made by Hazel Ware in the 1960s. It's still a reasonably priced pattern, that hasn't fully caught on with collectors. I'm not sure why, it's just beautiful. Please note, Capri refers only to pieces in the pattern that were made in blue. If it's in purple it's Moroccan Amethyst, and the same molds were used in the 70s for the colors crystal, amber, and green. I've often seen this pattern mis-identified, one time the seller claimed it was a lovingly hand blown piece.

Capri was done in Seashell (last picture), Swirl (top)and Colonial (middle picture)-the Colonial can also has some Swirl to it. It was also done in Tulip, which is the rarest. It has a petal edge and circular dotted center. The Seashell pattern it the most common. This is a wide ranging pattern, from ashtrays, plates, tidbits, and tumblers.

If you're looking for a little or lot of blue glass consider this pattern. There are many pieces available for a reasonable price, which may not last if collectors fall in love with this pattern the way I have.

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